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Our Tradition

Buying meat online was certainly not in the thoughts of Joseph Christmas Rook in 1965, but here we are today as an online butcher selling over 400 products and delivering throughout the UK. In 1965 things were certainly different.

This year J.C. Rook and Sons butchers are celebrating 50 years of trading, starting out from a shop in Dover, Kent. Read more

With a strong reputation ‘Rooks the butcher’ then grew through a network of high street shops around Kent selling high quality meats and pies (produced in their own factory in Ramsgate). A meat wholesaler arm of the business was also growing, servicing restaurants, schools, hospitals etc.

J.C. Rook and Sons was fast becoming synonymous as The Butchers in Kent.

J.C Rook and Sons have always been early movers with the times and were quick off the mark in the early noughties to launch Rooks Online, the online butchers, where people in Kent could buy meat online and have delivered to their door or pick up from one of the shops.

Buying meat online at that time was certainly not commonplace but through the confidence customers had in ‘Rooks’, and the fact they were able to buy the same meat as they would in one of the (cut as they’d like), the transition to an online butcher was seamless.

A hugely successful and easy way to buy meat this naturally evolved to offering the whole of the UK the opportunity to buy award winning meat online and have delivered anywhere in mainland UK.

Buying meat online has never been easier. Rooks Online continues to operate in a way that maintains a high level of customer service, the same service you would receive shopping in one of the shops, and through email, Facebook and Twitter can quickly communicate special offers, new products, competitions and accreditations.

Speaking of accreditations, J.C. Rook and Sons is a Master Butcher and has recently won National awards for their Granddad Sausages.