appledore free range bronze turkey
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6 Reasons why to buy an Appledore Turkey this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and whilst we have started thinking about Christmas Trees, stockings and presents, we also start planning the main event of the day – Christmas Dinner. The star of the show in most households is Turkey, here’s why you should buy a Free Range, Bronze, Appledore Turkey this Christmas.

  1. The turkeys are free ranging – wandering freely around open pastures and barns, each turkey enjoys a long and active life, given the space to move and grow without any restriction.
  1. They are fed on a simple and natural balanced diet of wheat, vegetable proteins and the natural vegetation around them – nothing else. They are totally free from antibiotics, additives or added growth promoters of any kind.
  1. The turkeys are reared with the greatest care, grown slowly to full maturity of 6 to 7 months, in comparison to mass produced turkeys who reach the desired weight in just 2 months.
  1. After roaming around all day, the turkeys are put safely to bed on the farm’s home-grown wheat straw for a well needed rest.
  1. During the production process, the turkeys are hand plucked and prepared at the farm, then simply refrigerated ready for Christmas Day. You can’t get any fresher! As all the production takes place on the farm, this ensures they experience as little stress as possible.

Appledore Turkeys are 2016 Great Taste Award winners as well as qualifying for an EU seal and the Totally Traditional Turkeys guarantee. In addition to that, each turkey is sealed with the Golden promise – in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your turkey, you will receive a refund.

Allowing the birds to reach full maturity, together with a natural diet and the freedom to roam, means they develop a distinctive texture and taste, providing the ultimate in succulent, flavoursome and farm fresh local turkey for your Festive Feast.