back to school, lunch box with shaped sandwiches and raw vegetables
Packed Lunch Ideas

Back to School (and work!) – Tips and Hacks for Packed Lunches

After 6 lovely weeks off it is almost back to school time and there is a lot to get ready. New uniforms, stationery, school bags and back into the school routine swing of things!

Generally, the most exciting part of the day is lunch time so make sure it’s one to be excited about. Packed lunches are a healthier and cheaper option when it comes to lunch for both adults and children. Here are some lunch tips for everyone’s lunchbox!

  1. Go shopping together – choosing and buying the food together adds to the whole experience. This is also a great way to allow your children to choose healthy food they like, to avoid lunch boxes coming home full!
  2. Have the right tools for the job – there are so many great containers out there, with compartments, dressing pots and even cutlery! Depending on what lunch you have, make sure you have a good quality container or lunch bag to keep it all together. No one wants a leaky lunch box or soggy sandwiches!
  3. Prepare in advance – bulk prepare lunch for the week on a Sunday, or when you are cooking dinner, cook a little extra for lunch the next day. Always get your lunch packed and ready to go the night before so you don’t have to rush in the morning. Get your children involved in the preparation of their lunch as this makes it more enticing when it comes to eating it!
  4. Balance your box – a balanced lunch should include a portion of fruit, a portion of vegetables, protein and healthy carbs. Lunches including a good portion of each will keep you fuller for longer.
  5. Don’t forget the treats – as much as our packed lunches should be healthy and balanced, we don’t mind a small treat here and there! Trying making homemade treats such as cupcakes or no bake energy balls!
  6. Make it fun – make shapes out of an average ham and cheese sandwich with cookie cutters or make fruit kebabs to make fruit a bit more interesting.
  7. Pack well – make sure you pack your lunch box well to avoid any mishaps and to keep things nice and organised.
  8. Chill – to keep things chilled buy an insulated lunch bag, as well as one with separate compartments to ensure everything stays fresh and doesn’t get mixed in with the other food. Alternatively, put frozen ice-packs inside to keep things fresh.
  9. Keep it varied – the key to an exciting lunch is variety. Keep it varied in the lunch box and throughout the week to keep lunch from getting boring.

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