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Tips for hosting a BBQ (Even if it rains)

The weather of late seems to be rather unpredictable, the heatwaves seem a distant memory but let’s not lose faith just yet! It is still summer, and what do we enjoy doing more than anything during the summer? Throwing a BBQ!

Here are some tips for hosting a BBQ whatever the weather.

  1. The BBQ – Depending on what BBQ you have (we recommend charcoal for that beautiful chargrilled flavour) fire it up before your guests arrive. Everyone loves the smell of a simmering BBQ. This way once you are ready to cook, the BBQ will be ready to go. The perfect cooking heat is when the flames have died down and the charcoal is burning white.
  2. The Workstation – Get all your equipment and everything you need in place ready to go. Make sure you have enough space, for example, once the meat is cooked have a separate dish ready with a sheet of foil to cover and keep warm whilst cooking the rest. Also invest in a good pair of tongs!
  3. The Meat – The most important and vital element to every BBQ is the meat (unless you are a vegetarian!) and for a great BBQ, you have to invest in great quality meat and prime cuts. Prime cuts benefit from quick, high heat cooking. We have a great selection of BBQ meat from 6oz steak burgers to Chinese chicken kebabs.
  4. The Prep – The best way to make sure you are prepared and ready for your BBQ is to do as much prep as you can the day before. Marinate all your meat, making the bulk of any salads or sides, and anything that needs to be kept fresh can be left to do on the day. BBQ’s are just as much about socialising with your loved ones as they are amazing food. Preparing as much as you can the day before frees up time for talking, entertaining and enjoying yourself!
  5. The Weather – This is something you cannot prepare yourself but you can prepare for! Make sure the house is ready if your party needs to quickly dash inside. Have snacks, entertainment and other food available as this may prolong cooking times if you are switching to the oven. Picnic food is great to have on hand whilst waiting for the main event. However, if you have a brave volunteer who will take one for the team and cook in the rain, have a rain coat or large umbrella to hand. Maybe even some wellies! Even if your BBQ party is now inside, you can still have the relaxed BBQ vibe in the house. Use plastic plates, cups and cutlery – this keeps things flexible as you can pop in and out depending on what the weather is doing. If the weather is looking unsure, a good idea is to have your main set up inside regardless. That way if it does rain, there is no trying to frantically grab everything and get inside before you and the food gets soaked!

What are your best BBQ tips?