british sausage week awards
Award Winning Sausages

British Sausage Week – We’ve Won Again

We’ve won again and this time it is… British Sausage Week – Best Sausage!

In fact we won a clutch of awards on Tuesday 1st November.

Traditional category
Winners – Granddad’s recipe

Innovative category
Runners upCaribbean
Winners Pork, black pudding and bacon


Overall best butcher banger
WinnersPork, black pudding and bacon

Following on from our Champion of Champions victory we are on cloud nine.

Andrew Rook said that being crowned the overall winner was,

“ Winning British Sausage Week has now just topped off what has been an absolutely phenomenal year.”

We look forward to British Sausage Week 2017 and will wholeheartedly celebrate our year as Champions. Next up, our Champion of Champions sausages will be part of our Christmas range. Award winning sausage meat to stuff the turkey, or chipolatas wrapped in bacon as the perennial favourite ‘pigs in blankets’.

You know where to come to create an award winning Christmas dinner!