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Essentials needed to turn your Christmas Dinner into a festive feast

There are now just 5 weeks until Christmas Day, and we have put together a guide to help you choose your favourite festive feast (if you haven’t already done so) – plus all the essentials needed to make a great Christmas Roast Dinner.

Of course we are going to focus on the matters of the meat first and foremost, as well as a few other tips and favourites to consider.

When it comes to roast dinners, everyone has their favourites and preferences, and luckily for us we have a huge variety to choose from.

Turkey – Of course the classic choice for Christmas Day is Turkey. Serve with cranberry sauce and all the trimmings! Tip: Often Turkey can be quite dry – make sure you buy good quality Turkey (the Appledore, Traditional Farm fresh free Range Bronze Turkey, is a sure-fire winner) and after cooking allow it to rest, this allows the meat to become tender and succulent. As always we like to suggest recipes for you to try and this turkey recipe looks mouthwatering.

Beef – If you fancy something a bit meatier this year why not go for Roast Beef. Roast beef means Yorkshire puddings, and everyone loves Yorkshire pudding, don’t they? We have a variety of roasting joints available providing plenty of delicious meat for families large and small here, try this recipe here and if you are feeling really adventurous, why not try and make your own horseradish too! This recipe is great for the leftovers or evening snack!

Game – If you fancy something completely different, why not try game. Whether it’s goose, duck, venison or pheasant – we have a huge selection available here and if you need some inspiration check out the variety of recipes here. One to definitely try is the venison – it has a rich flavour and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Try this Jamie Oliver recipe for a super easy roast venison with creamy potatoes.

Pork – Roast pork is so versatile, there are so many different flavours that compliment it beautifully, and it can be enjoyed on its own or alongside other meats. Another great thing about pork is crackling! Tip: Sprinkle a generous amount of salt and oil on the skin and bake in the oven on a high heat.

Lamb – Roast lamb, mint sauce, gravy and all the trimmings – here is a useful, fuss-free and very tasty recipe from Jamie Oliver for a roast leg of lamb. Tip: Add anchovies for a unique flavour and ‘melt in the mouth’ moment. Whether you want a leg, shoulder or crown – we have a variety of roasting joints to choose from. Take a look here.

Chicken – Roast chicken is a fond family favourite, make sure you don’t forget the bread sauce! Here is a great step by step guide from BBC Food on how to cook a classic roast chicken. Tip: Pour the juices from the chicken once cooked into your gravy for plenty of extra flavour!

Once the main part is chosen, you can then decide on your favourite trimmings and sauces to bring it all together – and don’t forget the pigs in blankets and stuffing for an extra treat!

Jamie Oliver has a glorious selection of different recipes to choose from – take a look here. There are even recipes for the vegetarians of the family!