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Things to do in the summer holidays at home

School’s out for summer! Extremely exciting for the kids who have 6 whole weeks of time off school, however slightly frightening for parents who have to fill that time with constant fun and activities to keep everyone occupied and prevent the classic ‘I’m bored!’ from appearing. Whether you are choosing to go on holiday abroad for a couple of weeks, or you will be staying at home for the duration, there are plenty of things to do in the summer holidays at home.

When the weather isn’t so great outside, the fun indoor activity for the summer holidays is cooking! You can do it in the comfort of your own home and it doesn’t have to cost too much either. Win win! Cooking with your children is great for so many different reasons. Not only does it teach new skills, it gives an understanding of food, food and kitchen safety, gets the family together, and gives your children the chance to create something they will be so proud of at the end!

5 easy recipes to cook together for lunch, dinner and snacks.

  1. Make your own pizzas

Making your own pizza is easy, fun, creative and a great activity if you have the children’s friends over! To make the dough try this simple recipe, alternatively you can also use naan bread or wraps as an easy, ready-to-go base. Allowing the children to choose and prepare their own toppings makes it fun, and gives them the freedom to do whatever they like. We have a great selection for toppings in our charcuterie section, such as diced pancetta, chorizo or salami.

  1. Make your own burgers (or meatballs)

Making your own burgers is messy, fun and extremely versatile. Using any type of minced meat such as lamb, turkey or beef, get rolling and get stuck in!

  1. Prepare your own picnic

Our picnic section has everything you need for a classic picnic; scotch eggs, potato salad, quiche and ham. Assemble your picnic hamper with all your favourite picnic treats and find the perfect spot in a park near you.

  1. Mini toad-in-the-hole

The perfect meal to make and enjoy if you have friends to stay. Everyone loves toad-in-the-hole, and the novelty of mini food is always much more fun than normal sized food! Try this recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food, for a fun and tasty dish.

  1. Homemade sausage rolls

Another classic snack, lunch or dinner are sausage rolls, and homemade sausage rolls are plenty of fun to make. Again, mini sausage rolls are much more fun than ordinary sized! Using our award winning sausage meat or any flavour of our homemade sausages.

We would love to know which recipes you try and how they went. Let us know on Instagram or Facebook, and if you have any other winning recipes, we would love to know that too!