top view of child making pizza with pizza ingredients, tomatoes, salami and mushrooms on wooden tabletop, half term ideas

Half term cooking with the kids

Half term is coming up, and for most parents this means scrambling for ideas of activities and entertainment for the week! A fantastic way to keep the kids occupied for a while is cooking!

Cooking together, cooking with friends, teaching your children how to cook, or if they already know the basics, giving them the chance to practice. Not only is it useful and engaging, but it is fun, a valuable skill to have, and a great way to spend some time together.

Here are some great half term recipes for kids, easy to make by themselves (depending on the recipe), healthy and tasty!

Homemade Pizza – Set out a whole assortment of favourite toppings, allowing them to be creative and choose exactly what they want. Most of the fun is in creating your own pizza, closely followed by eating it! This easy recipe includes making your own dough and getting your hands messy! It’s also the perfect base for adding meat toppings such as ham, chicken or even sausage!

Hand-made Meatballs – Another great one for getting your hands nice and messy! This brilliant step-by-step guide by Jamie Oliver shows you exactly how to make delicious homemade meatballs. They are also extremely versatile as you can make them with beef, turkey, lamb or pork mince.

Kebabs – Another very fun, hands on activity, with the chance to build your own kebab however you like using a variety of different meats – the possibilities are endless.

Finally, a few quick tips;

Keep it colourful – Try and include as much a variety of vegetables as possible. This is a great way to also make eating vegetables fun!

Keep it fun – Let them get messy and be creative! It will allow your children to learn new skills whilst enjoying themselves!

Safety first – Always ensure any recipes and preparation is age appropriate. Here are some more helpful tips for cooking with kids.

Let us know how it goes and what you end up making!