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Love Lamb Week – Lamb Recipes

Today is the start of #LoveLambWeek and we have some great special offers available for you to celebrate our love for lamb! Will you be having lamb for dinner tonight? Are you in need of some inspiration for Love Lamb Week? Here are some recipe ideas for you to try.

Lamb is a very rich meat with quite a unique flavour and fatty content. The meat is very versatile but this distinctive taste lends itself perfectly with flavours such as garlic, rosemary and mint.

Lamb plus garlic and herbs, plus slow roasting, equals a match made in heaven. This recipe features a leg of lamb, a herb rub bursting with great flavours, and with a cooking time of over two hours, the meat will just melt beautifully off the bone.

Have you tried our lamb burgers yet? They are made from the highest quality British lamb and perfectly seasoned with mint, lamb’s other best friend! Do you need ideas on what to serve with your burgers? Why not serve with some lightly toasted buns, a fresh salad and homemade smoky wedges.

Lamb loin chops have a delicious succulent piece of meat with just enough fat to add to the flavour, like a mini T-bone steak. Delia Smith has an easy, one-tray bake recipe, serve with any style potato and lots of vegetables. Alternatively, try this colourful dish with the classic combination of lamb and rosemary flavours. Prepared and ready in less than an hour!

As we are now entering Autumn, we can’t forget about our favourite comfort food recipes such as Shepherd’s pies, casseroles and rich, hearty stews. Jamie Oliver’s shepherd’s pie offers something slightly more impressive by using shoulder of lamb instead of minced, whilst this lamb stew and rosemary dumplings recipes uses lamb neck fillet, a beautifully tender cut of meat.

What is your favourite lamb recipe or cut of lamb? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.