Which meat is right for your diet

What’s on your plate this week? Let us help

Whilst we are not agony aunts or counsellors, we are a master butcher, which means we can help you select the right meat and the right cut and quantity for all occasions. All you have to do is ask.

As traditional customer-facing butchers, we can bring that attentiveness and knowledge to our online butchers. This insight enables us to put together cost effective meat packs based on actual customers’ needs. As a result, our meat packs change regularly and consist of different meats and cuts of meat. Just because you are buying the meat as a pack doesn’t mean you can’t have it cut as you would like either, you just have to ask!

Our online meat packs are designed to offer an easy way to buy meat whether you order weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and are suitable for your freezer. They offer a significant saving against buying the items individually and help greatly with meal planning.

One of our most popular online packs is the Meat For The Week Pack, a bit like the famous wood treatment advert this pack does exactly as it says, in this case comfortably feeding a family of four for one week.

One of the fun things that our meat packs allows is for us to indulge in ‘Foodie’ themes, possibly for families and friends to get involved with, such as our Steak Lovers pack or our Try Them All sausages pack. Great fun and great value; something we constantly strive for.

It is the food seasons of Christmas and BBQ when demand for our online meat packs surge. Our Christmas meat hampers take the stress out of that most feared/enjoyed culinary period, and our BBQ meat packs have everything you need to feed all invited (hungry) guests on those summer days.

With meat packs for all occasions why not add one to your order?

And remember to let us know of any special requirements.