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New Season Lamb – Available Now!

It’s that time of year again – the weather is, hopefully getting warmer, the flowers are blossoming and we are excited to announce our fresh, new season lamb is now available!

Buying new season lamb online is easy at Rooks Online; we are able to offer all cuts of lamb, including a whole or half lamb cut to your requirements. It might be that you want a traditional joint, selected chops, diced lamb, minced, or neck etc. Simply tell us what you would like and we will arrange it for you.

With so many different cuts available, the options are many! Here is a little bit of inspiration for each different option available, with some of our favourite lamb recipes for you to try out.

Whole Lamb – If you are going to go all out with the whole lamb, the best way to cook is on a BBQ or spit roast, unless you have an extra-large oven! This is great for outdoor cooking and an impressive feature for a function or gathering.

Leg of Lamb – The most traditional (and tasty) way to cook a leg of lamb is to slow roast until the meat is beautifully tender and falls easily off the bone. Try this delicious recipe from Nigel Slater, infused with garlic and herbs, as part of a traditional roast or serve with creamy mashed potatoes and greens. Watch this BBC Good Food video for useful tips on how to prepare a leg of lamb, and don’t forget to let the lamb rest before carving!

Lamb Chops – Lamb chops can be grilled, barbecued or roasted – all are equally delicious. Try this easy one pot roast from Delia Smith, with bundles of garlic, rosemary and roasted vegetables, or for something super quick and tasty, try the mustard-glaze and grill in just five minutes.

Diced Lamb – Diced lamb is ideal for stews, pies, curries, kebabs, braising and casseroles, and works well with a range of different flavours. Try this easy Mediterranean braised lamb or spring kebabs from Jamie Oliver, a nourishing hot pot or a hearty and impressive red wine and rosemary casserole.

Minced Lamb – Of course the ultimate minced lamb recipe is the classic, no-fuss Shepherd’s pie. If you want to try something different, make your own meatballs and enjoy as a Moroccan feast with couscous or pasta. If you want to keep it light, lamb mince is also great with stuffed peppers.

Neck – Lamb neck is often overlooked but is a very tasty cut and perfect for stewing, braising and slow cooking. Serve with roasted or mashed potatoes, a rich gravy and lots of vegetables!