Christmas Meat

Preparing for the Day

Christmas day is fast approaching, and whether you are home or away this Christmas, plans for the day will be well underway. Perhaps you are hosting a huge Christmas Dinner party with all the family, and whether that means 6 people or 26 people, here are a few tips on preparing for the day so that you can enjoy the festivities stress free and to the full.

  1. Plan – Plan everything you want to the smallest detail, from meat, to drinks to the type of crackers or candles you want.
  2. Write a to-do list – Write your list well in advance and make sure you cross off each task / item as you go along to make sure you don’t duplicate or miss anything. Writing a to-do list is possibly one of the most simple and effective ways to stay organized when planning any event.
  3. Prepare & Freeze – Anything that can be prepared and frozen in advance is a great time saver. It will still be fresh for the day, and allows extra time for any other jobs.
  4. Buy in advance – Buy any non-perishables like crisps, snacks, drinks, crackers, serviettes, in advance so you have most of what you need well before the day and can avoid any mad dash to the supermarket. Pre-order any meat in advance so you don’t have to worry about that. For added ease, we can deliver your meat straight to your door or you can collect it in-store at your convenience.
  5. Lay the table – Lay the table on Christmas Eve or even the night before that. This way you can ensure everything is exactly how you want it, without having to rush or think about when your brussel sprouts need to start cooking.
  6. Cut & Peel – If you have an abundance of potatoes and vegetables to prepare, try and do this the night before. Store in water or sandwich bags in the fridge to maintain freshness.
  7. Pre-cook – Some may not like the idea of pre-cooking and freezing for Christmas Day, but it could save you bundles of time and will still taste great on the day. Stuffing, stocks, pigs in blankets. Freezing these in preparation allows extra time to enjoy your day!
  8. Keep it clean – Clean out your fridge and freezer in the weeks leading up to Christmas by using existing food and trying not to buy without finishing what you already have. It’s also a good idea to clean the house, empty the bins and make sure the dishwasher is clean the day before so everything is done and dusted. No pun intended!
  9. Round up – More hands make light work. As a fun activity, get everyone involved in the peeling and the chopping and the wrapping. This is a great way to get everyone involved and will also get things done in almost half the time!
  10. Contain it – Make sure you have enough containers or tin foil to keep any leftovers nice and fresh, so you can enjoy them for days.

We hope these tips are helpful and allow you to have an enjoyable, stress free day. Another great tip to save time and money – buy one of Rooks Christmas meat hampers. Depending on what you want, there are different sizes and choices to suit you. This is a great and easy way to have everything you need delivered to your door in one convenient pack. We also offer meat selection packs and our Christmas produce is now available too. Let us know how your day goes – snap a picture of your peeling prep, table setting or food supply ready for the big day!