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Award Winning Sausages

Sausages – the everyday BBQ meat

When it comes to an everyday BBQ the sausage is an ever present. They are relatively quick to cook and much, much quicker to serve and eat. So, our rule of thumb during the BBQ season is to always have sausages in the fridge or freezer, that way you are always ready for that window of opportunity in the unpredictable British weather to enjoy a moment of BBQ bliss.

Enjoy a BBQ, while you endure Euro 2016

At the time of writing this blog we are looking forward to football’s Euro 2016 in France and this time Great Britain and Ireland are well represented so interest is piqued. Why not invite friends and family over and stage your own Euro 2016 BBQ. A BBQ sausage in a finger roll with onions, mustard and ketchup will keep spirits up while we collectively endure the pain of watching our national teams.

If you aren’t already aware of the fixtures follow the link to the official website, the fun kicks off on Friday the 10th of June until the final on Sunday 10th July.

Sausages – the everyday BBQ meat

Possibly the best sausage you can put on the BBQ is a Granddads pork and sage sausage. Ok, yes we are going to say that as we produce all of our sausages in our factory, but for the last two years we have won The Great British BBQ’s Banger Award, awarded to the best chain butcher’s shop. Other people think our sausages are the best too.

Last year we were also finalists in the Champion of Champions which brought together award winning sausages from across the land to find out who would be the champion outright.

If you would like to be more adventurous we have a wide selection of home produced sausages to buy online, including a fantastic try them all pack. Shortly we will be launching a special bulk buy pack of Granddads pork and sage sausages so there really will be no excuse for not having them in the freezer!!

Sausages really are the ultimate everyday BBQ meat; make sure you choose an award winning one.