sausages for summer, two healthy hot dogs on a wooden board with colourful salad
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Sausages for Summer

Sausages are perfect for quick summer meals as they cook quickly and are extremely versatile – grill, fry, oven cook or BBQ, and add to a whole selection of dishes. Add to stews, pasta, bakes, casseroles, and we can’t forget the Great British classics such as Toad in the hole, Bangers & Mash and sausage rolls!

However, as it’s summer, we are going to give the classics a summery twist. The key is to keep the flavours and ingredients light.

Instead of the classic Bangers & Mash (which we all know and love!), why not try bangers and sweet potato mash or even sweet potato wedges. Perfect with any flavour sausage but why not try our sweet chilli and mango flavour, to give this a really summery, fruity twist! For a healthy sweet potato mash, simply prick the skin with several holes using a fork, microwave for 5 – 6 minutes (depending on the size), remove the skin and mash with a fork. Add salt and pepper to taste. If you are wanting something slightly more indulgent, try this coconut and chilli mash. Don’t forget to team with plenty of seasonal vegetables for a colourful dish.

Another classic we know and love is Toad in the hole. Toad in the hole is very indulgent and one of the top on the comfort food list, so instead of having the whole shebang, why not try this great mini toad-in-the-hole recipe but instead of using cocktail sausages, try our chipolatas.

Sausage and pasta is a match made in heaven, almost as good as sausage and potatoes! Sausage is perfect with any type of pasta with any combination of flavours. For something light, not overly saucy and with a sweet kick, this simple sausage supper is perfect for a quick meal – preparation and cooking time within 30 minutes.

Sausage rolls can be enjoyed as a tasty snack or part of a picnic style dinner for easy, mid-week dining. This mini recipe is super quick and versatile, using ready-made puff pastry and herby sausages such as Grandad’s Pork & Sage. Mix it up with different flavoured sausage rolls from our huge selection.

We also have some great recipes on our website. What’s your favourite flavour? Let us know how you have your sausages summery!