Chicken Salad
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Summer’s not just about a BBQ

It is easy to become a little tunnel-visioned and  think of summer as just the time for barbecuing. Yes it is a true celebration of meat, and that is our passion, but it might be impractical with today’s hectic lifestyles to have a BBQ every day.

There is a lot more to summer eating than just barbecues, and picnics for that matter, there is still the working grind for a large number of us and with that comes quick and easy meal planning. Food that isn’t too heavy on the stomach, that will appeal to you on a hot evening, and quick or simple to cook so won’t have you over a hot cooker for too long.

Summer is a time for salads and amazing summer vegetables, such as; peas, runner beans, broad beans, marrow and new potatoes! The decision is what meat you should buy to go with these delights. We have the solution.

A favourite in summer is gammon. Served with lashings of parsley sauce this meat goes so well with broad beans and new potatoes. Choose from ready cut gammon steaks or a joint (smoked or unsmoked) and then add your own glaze. Yum.

What about serving a refreshing salad alongside one of our Hunters chicken fillets? Again perfect with new potatoes and summer veg. Our range of chicken fillets with different marinades, toppings or fillings will add a great centerpiece to any meal. Why not try the different ones?

If you are tired of salads but still want a light supper then a stir fry is ideal; quick, fresh and easy to cook using beef, pork or chicken. Choose from our pre-cut meats to quick fry and add to your own stir fry mix, or why not try one of our ready to cook meals?

As a cost saving solution and one that is becoming more and more commonplace is to roast a whole chicken purely to chill and use as a cold meat. Dust off the jarred pickles from Christmas and away you go!

Many of you may also be unaware that you can buy a range of cold meats and cheese from our delicatessen. With a choice of sauces and dressings as well we can make you summer a breeze.

Still got the BBQ munchies?

Of course you can still enjoy a midweek barbecue and remember all of our BBQ range can be cooked in the oven!