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An article in the Daily Mail last week reported that sausages had lost their sizzle with the British public, suggesting sales of sausages have slumped by 25% with shoppers apparently turning to ‘healthier options’ such as chicken and steak.

Needless to say we and our customers are not in agreement.

Real sausages

Our award winning sausages must be bucking the trend as we are producing and selling more than ever before.

We blame those that are bulked up with cheap fillers, like breadcrumbs or wheat rusk and an off-putting list of chemicals and preservatives.

The British banger is an institution. We have it on good authority that our sausages are a knock out and we will campaign to protect the public from poor imitations. Support real sausages!

Sausages – Champion of Champions

As for our award winning sausages, they are shortlisted for the Champion of Champions 2015 on Monday 12th October.

The Champion of Champions is open to any producer who has won the overall title at a recognised sausage competition between 1st July 2014 and 30th June 2015.

The event will take the best sausages in the land and decide who really is the Champion of Champions.