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The Roast

The Roast Dinner is a strong family favourite in most households across the country, and a dish that is very much close to all our hearts. Traditionally enjoyed on a Sunday and during the Christmas season, a roast dinner is a classic dish that never disappoints. We all have our favourites and we all have quirks or secret tips that make it our own.

The main elements to a good roast are; a good piece of meat, the perfect accompanying flavours, crispy roast potatoes, a good selection of vegetables, complementary condiments, and the most important thing,  the gravy to bring it all together!

Top Roasts

Roast chicken never fails, with crispy skin and bundles of flavour; chicken can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways. Enjoy it the classic way with this great BBC GoodFood recipe – a traditional lemon and thyme flavour, classic roast potatoes and traditional vegetables. For something fun and different, this Jamie Oliver recipe is a great one for the family, bursting with flavours, vegetables and pigs in blankets. Who said pigs in blankets were just for Christmas! Tip: For a quick mid-week roast, use chicken legs, drumsticks or chicken breast fillet.

The perfect roast beef should always be served with golden Yorkshire puddings, crispy roast potatoes and a thick, meaty gravy. The most common cuts for roast beef are rib of beef, topside joint and sirloin joint depending on your preference and budget! Take a look at this very helpful guide on the perfect roast beef from Delia Smith, including further tips for the best roast potatoes and how to get those Yorkshire puddings just right!

Roast lamb can be enjoyed with a variety of different flavours but the winners are most commonly rosemary and garlic, and you cannot forget the mint sauce. There are several roasting joints of lamb to choose from, and it is normally advised to slow cook, plus resting time before and after so the meat falls effortlessly off the bone. There are so many great recipes to try, including this fuss-free Jamie Oliver recipe, with a homemade mint sauce!

The beauty of a roast is that it is easy, balanced and versatile – you can be creative with it or enjoy it the traditional way. You can also enjoy a healthier version if you would rather, by substituting regular potatoes for sweet potato, opting for a white meat, and increasing the vegetable selection.

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