tomahawk steak
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Tomahawk Steak – A cut above the rest

Tomahawk steak may not be something you have heard of before let alone tried, but once you have, you will soon see what all the fuss is about!

With its trademark long bone and significant size, the Tomahawk steak bears a huge resemblance to that of a tomahawk axe, hence the name! The steak itself is a premium rib-eye cut, with the entire rib bone left in and French trimmed mainly for presentation purposes. However, the bone adds to the flavour of the meat when cooking, and can also be used to add extra flavour to stocks, stews and gravies.

Together with the bone, the steak can weigh a minimum of 1kg, comfortably feeding two adults and making for a very impressive discussion point during a dinner party. That is a whole lot of steak!

Due to the size, and between 5 to 8 inches of extra bone, this can be quite awkward to cook in ways you would usually cook steak, for example in a frying pan.

The best way to cook a tomahawk steak is to either grill on a BBQ or roast in the oven. Although not the traditional way to cook steak, roasting a tomahawk steak is the best and most convenient option due to the size. If you still want that chargrilled taste, sear the meat in a frying pan just before roasting, and don’t forget to let the meat rest after cooking! This is key if you want it juicy and succulent! Who doesn’t?!

If you like the sound of this, we also have Tomahawk pork chops for you! Cut from the most tender, centre part of the loin, with the whole bone left in, this cut is extremely flavourful as it is cooked on the bone, and also has plenty of muscular marbling adding beautifully to the flavour.

Take a look at the full range now and prepare to throw the ultimate BBQ or impress at your next dinner party!