Top 5 BBQ Recipes
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Top 5 BBQ Recipes for Summer 2017

It is summer time now and everyone knows that this is the BBQ season. We, at Rooks have compiled a list of the Top 5 BBQ Recipes to really get your BBQ season off to a flyer!

  1. First on our list is one of the best barbecue recipes around. With a preparation time of only 25 minutes, Cumberland Hot Dogs are quick and easy to make and can be seasoned superbly with a huge variety of different flavours. In terms of preparation, it may not be the most efficient as you regularly turn them to stop them charring, but some would say that this is best enjoyed surrounded by friends and family, barbecue tongs in one hand and a bottle of lager in the other.
  2. Some may find it easier to buy ready-made sauces, but here at Rooks we know that real quality comes from everything being homemade, especially the sauces! That brings us to the next recipe on our list, Barbecue Sauce. This recipe with its short ‘make time’ and its fantastic flavours can spice up any meat at a barbecue, and, it will truly impress any of your guests!
  3. For anyone who completes the next recipe on our list, the Texas BBQ Beef Brisket, they will tell you the absolute dedication they needed to sit through six and a half hours of cook time to complete this dish. However, what they will also tell you is the absolute joy they took from eating the meal at the end of it. After 4-5 hours of slow cooking in the oven plus finishing off on the barbecue, the effort gone into preparing a dish like this is totally worth it as you and your guests will experience flavours and textures like no others you have tasted before.
  4. Chicken Teriyaki Skewers with Griddled Spring Onions is a mouthful to say on its own, but that’s not nearly the size of the mouthful you and your guests will take out of these delicious kebabs! Kebabs are the perfect option when looking for small, easy to make barbecue food for your guests to eat when you are hosting a party, and this recipe is the best way to try something different.
  5. The last recipe on our list comes from British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. It is the Royal Barbecued Pork Loin. Despite this recipes tricky preparation, it is well worth it when you get it right. With easy to access meat and a variety of common spices, this recipe is actually much cheaper than anyone would expect when eating this level of quality.

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