Turkey is generally eaten on Christmas Day (and Thanksgiving in America) and is often overlooked in our daily diet, losing out to other choices such as chicken, pork and red meats.

Turkey can actually be enjoyed as part of a healthier, balanced diet over other meats. Did you know that turkey is low in fat and high in protein, with less calories, less cholesterol and less sodium than chicken, with more protein and iron.

Roast Turkey is of course the first port of call – classic, tasty, and usually leaving us with plenty of leftovers but can sometimes be quite dry when overcooked! For a juicy, tender roast, here are some easy tips to follow. Fully defrost the turkey and remove from the fridge an hour before cooking. The cooking time depends on the weight of the turkey. Calculate your cooking time based on 40 mins per kg for the first 4kg, then 45 minutes for every kg thereafter. Another useful tip is to baste your turkey with butter and cover the breast area with bacon. The fats and juices from the bacon soak into the meat making it juicy and delicious.

After you have enjoyed your roast, you can also enjoy the leftover meat in a variety of different ways. Anything you would normally have with chicken, try with turkey. Stir-fry, pie, stew, risotto, salad, chilli con carne, curry, bakes, sandwiches – the list is endless.

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