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Holidaying in the UK this summer?

If you are holidaying in the UK this summer, it is likely that your car will be weighed down with everything bar the kitchen sink. So, let us take care of the meat for your self-catering holiday.

It is easy; order your meat online, select delivery to your holiday cottage, holiday home or campsite and then choose the date you would like the order to arrive.

You can leave any special notes in the delivery comments so that we know where to leave the delivery should you not be available, or if the campsite or holiday park reception has specific rules.

School holidays are often an expensive time for families so more families are now opting for UK holidays and caravan breaks! Think staycations, getting outside, camping, activities on a budget, and making the most of the simple things in life. This includes keeping down the cost of holiday food and reducing the stress and hassle-time trying to find a supermarket in an area unfamiliar to you.

We have adopted the phrase ‘Steak’ation – we bring your holiday meat to you. You can then have everything you need for breakfasts, picnics, barbecues, quick meals and more.

Whether that is camping, staying in a self-catering holiday cottage or caravan, here are some useful food tips for self-catering holidays.

Firstly, ensure you prepare. Plan meals beforehand, possibly even cook beforehand and research the area. It is also a good idea to double check what the cottage / caravan / holiday home has in the kitchen department. Most holiday homes will have an inventory of items which is very useful to know exactly what is there and what you may need to take with you to ensure you are able to cook as you normally would. Although most places will have everything you need, albeit basic, it might be a good idea to bring along a few of your old faithful items such as a good pan (and lid), a sharp knife, and olive oil and seasoning.

If you are planning to cook beforehand, think of quick meals that can be easily reheated such as stews, spaghetti bolognaise or shepherd’s pie. If you are planning to cook there instead, you now know that Rooks can deliver your meat to your cottage, holiday home or campsite so you could plan a few meals beforehand and not to waste time wandering around a new supermarket, using up valuable holiday time!

For easy recipes to cook on holiday think one pot recipes, minimal fuss, minimal kitchen time and minimal washing up! Win! One pot recipes are also very versatile, you can choose anything from chicken to lamb, and just throw in your favourite selection of vegetables and potatoes. Also, any leftovers can be eaten the next day! Speaking of, another good item to take with you, just in case, are plastic containers! You don’t want to waste any good food!

Another easy, quick and fun meal idea is of course to BBQ! Some holiday accommodation may actually provide BBQ’s, but if not, buy a disposable one and grill up some sausages or burgers in minutes. Ensure you check the rules where you are staying as some places do not allow BBQ’s. We have a huge BBQ range to choose from, and you can also be thrifty. Any meat left over can be snacked on for lunch the next day!

We also have a great ‘Quick Cook’ range – perfect for evenings when you just need a quick dinner and don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen.