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Wedding Food – Summer wedding food menu ideas

Wedding season is upon us and wedding food is central to the occasion. Everyone has different ideas for how to feed their guests; from formal dinner service through to quirky fun offerings. Many couples opt to use catering firms due to the many guests but if your wedding is a small gathering then it may be that you choose to have a BBQ (fingers crossed for dry, sunny and warm weather – British weather is so unpredictable, this is never guaranteed, but we hope!).

Simple BBQ food is an ideal option if you are looking for a tasty, relaxed and affordable menu for your wedding, that everyone is sure to love! Try and find willing friends or family members to take the reins of the cooking.

When it’s sunny and warm, everyone loves a BBQ so you can’t really go wrong, and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings. In the case of an indoor wedding, you can BBQ outside (wisely!) and serve up a freshly grilled BBQ buffet to your guests. Of course, a BBQ menu would be best suited to an outdoor wedding to really take advantage of everything that comes with a great BBQ. The sights, the smells and socialising around a simmering grill. As the wedding food is cooking away, guests can enjoy champagne, nibbles and mingling.

If you are having a wedding on a budget, cooking your own food can save a substantial amount of money!

So what is on the menu? 3 popular choices of wedding food for the perfect summer wedding BBQ.

Hog Roast – Hog roasts are becoming increasingly popular for weddings as they are simple yet impressive, and can be served with a whole host of different options. An alternative option to a traditional sit down meal, but can also be served to your guests depending on the catering you choose.  If you need to hire a cooker for your hog roast, or would like further details don’t hesitate to phone (01795) 422318 for advice.

Lamb – Slow cook a whole lamb on a spit roast and serve with traditional roast sides and mint sauce. As well as cooking up some really tasty food, a spit roast creates an interesting feature for the wedding, as the food becomes the showcase (after the bride of course!).

Smokey BBQ Brisket – Slow cooked, ‘melt in the mouth’ BBQ brisket is delicious and easy to cook! Serve with a selection of sides such as warm brioche buns, homemade potato salad, fresh salad, coleslaw, BBQ baked beans and freshly grilled corn on the cob. You could even create your own platter per table using large wooden boards, with a selection of meat and sides on each.