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Packed Lunch Ideas

What’s for lunch? Easy packed lunch ideas

Forget soggy sandwiches or squashed fruit, we have some great tips and recipes for tasty, healthy and easy packed lunches for both work and school. So what’s for lunch? Here are some packed lunch ideas:

Food on sticks – Food on sticks, or kebabs, are extremely healthy, easy and fun to prepare if you want to make your own, and really quick to cook. It’s also a great way to include vegetables.

Tip: Once cooked, remove the stick and mix with salad, more vegetables or rice for a delicious packed lunch.

Chicken fillets – Grilled chicken fillet is so versatile, healthy and filling.

Tip: Before the week starts, bulk cook some chicken fillets to enjoy throughout the week with salad, rice, vegetables, couscous, wraps or sandwiches. Buy in bulk and freeze for a quick ‘go-to’.

Fajitas – Fajitas are healthy and balanced – protein, carbs and vegetables.

Tip: Fajitas can be enjoyed hot or cold. Make extra to have for lunch the next day, and keep the mixture and wraps separate to keep everything fresh.

Leftovers – There’s nothing better than having that delicious dinner you had the night before for lunch, however if you don’t have access to a microwave, remember to bear this in mind.

Tip: When you are cooking dinner, cook a little extra for lunch the next day.

Picnic FoodPicnic food isn’t always the healthiest, but it can be enjoyed as a ‘treat’ lunch one day of the week with plenty of salad and fruit for afters.

Pasta Salad – Pasta is a very versatile and filling lunch option. Enjoy with chicken, sausage or any type of meat.

Egg Muffins – Easy to make, healthy and you can be creative with the fillings. Add chicken, bacon or sausage.

Pizza Pockets – Or pitta pizzas are fun and easy to make. You can experiment with different flavours and toppings, and once cooked are just as tasty cold.

Any food that can be enjoyed cold as well as hot is perfect for a tasty packed lunch. What’s in your lunch box? We hope our packed lunch ideas will help.