Picanha Rump Cap Steak


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Picanha Rump Cap Steak (4 x 180g steaks)

Try Something New For Your Summer BBQ

This specialist cut of Rump Cap Steak is succulent & tender and would be ideal for any BBQ party. This cut of beef is relatively unknown in the UK but is the most popular meat in Brazil.

The Picanha steak is a rump cap cut with rich marbling, dark red meat and a generous layer of edge fat for extra flavour. Please ask us in the comments box if you would rather leave your steak as a whole piece.

Cooking Tips: Always seal your Rump cap steak in a hot pan first, it’s a simple move that helps keep the juices in the meat, leaving it rosy and pink on the inside and golden and crunchy on the outside. If cooking as a whole piece,cook your Rump Cap on the barbecue, under the grill or in the oven. Seal first in olive oil and then sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Cook fat side up till it goes golden and crispy. Always cut the meat across the grain of the meat, making your rump soft, tender and tasty! AMAZING!

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