Braised Lamb Steaks in Osso Bucco Style

Braised Lamb Steaks in Osso Bucco Style

By Paul Norman
90 mins

A hearty lamb dish.


Seal lamb steak in hot oil and butter until golden brown on both side. Remove and then add fresh butter to pan, gently sweating off onions, brunoise of vegetables and garlic until softened.

Add white wine, brown stock, bouquet garni and lemon zest. Place lamb back into liquid covering pan with a tight-fitting lid and braise in the oven for 1-1-and-a-half hours (Reg. 3-4: 300-400F).

Half an hour before end of cooking time, blanch tomatoes, deseed and then finely dice. Add to liquid and finish cooking for 30 minutes.

Remove lamb, reduce liquor and, if required, add thickened gravy. Season and pour over hot lamb garnished with chopped parsley.


  • 1 Lamb steak
  • 50g Carrots, Turnips and onions, all very finely diced, approx. 2mm in size (brunoise)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Lemon zest of half a lemon
  • 25ml White wine
  • 1 Tomato – blanched and deseeded Bouquet Garni (thyme, bay leaf, peppercorns)
  • Chopped Parsley

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