Saltimbocca a la Romana

Saltimbocca a la Romana

By Paul Norman
30 mins Easy

Not your usual pork chop!


Preferably use tenderloin Pork or a loin of pork steak. Remove all skin and gristle and baton out until very thin (ask the butcher). Place a fresh sage leaf on top of the escalope of pork and then place a slice of Parma ham on top using two cocktail sticks before serving.

De-glaze pan with Marsalla or Madeira wine, add stock and thickened gravy, reduce, season, add knobs of butter and shake into sauce. Strain sauce around the outside of the pork escalope. Finally, in a black frying pan, add butter and fresh sage leaves. When butter has turned nut brown, add a squeeze of lemon juice and tip over the Parma ham.


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